Self help

Hot and Cold Therapy

Cold & Hot Therapy:

Purpose of treatment:  To produce a pumping effect on a particular tissue of the body by expansion (heat) and contraction (cold).  This removes the toxins & waste and encourages nutrients to aid healing mechanism.

  • Take a cold pack from freezer (peas or other alternative frozen item may be used) and hot pack from microwave (hot water bottle may be used)
  • Ensure both packs are covered with a tea-towel or other thin material to avoid cold/hot burn
  • Apply Cold pack for 2 minutes then remove
  • Follow immediately with hot pack for 2 minutes then remove and reapply cold for 2 minutes redoing steps above 3 times finishing on a cold pack then stop for 15 mins.
  • Perform above steps 3 times per day for maximum effect.